Global Structural Detailing Ltd. (Global) handles a wide range of projects, of all sizes, in all sectors of the market:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Recreational
  • Sports Structures
  • Residential

No project is too small. From an embed weighing a few kilograms to a large entertainment facility or sports complex weighing thousands of tons, Global applies the same exceptional quality on all of its projects.

With today's fast paced construction schedules, whether the project is Traditionally bid, Design-Build and/or BIM, there simply is no advantage to misleading clients and owners by providing un-realistic scheduling and/or pricing simply 'to get the job'. The notion that 'the project is sure to have change order's' to compensate is not fair to anyone involved in the project. At Global, we look at each job realistically, and are upfront with any potential scheduling and cost issues that arise.

One of our traditional bid, value added services we offer is a complete 3D stick model of the project upon bidding. In doing so, we have been extremely successful in being able to identify design issues before the project is even awarded. Issues that would normally go un-noticed until much further down the project time-line. This has saved valuable time and cost on the projects.

Whether your project is Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Residential – if it requires steel – our experienced staff will provide complete, accurate and on-time design and drafting services. Global Structural Detailing Ltd. is firmly committed to customer satisfaction!