Global Structural Detailing Ltd. has had the privilege of working on various, extremely successful, Design-Build projects over the years as allies, as partners & as full members of the Design-Build team.

Global is an active member of the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA). The positive, pro-active approach to these projects make for accelerated delivery as team members collaborate, reducing time consuming RFI's and costly change orders. The ability to regularly meet with all involved trades and owners, identify issues, make decisions and lend support make for executing a successful project.

Design-Build projects are increasing in popularity year after year and at Global, we welcome our next Design-Build project.


Global Structural Detailing Ltd. offers a complete structural steel solution to your project with the capacity to provide full design calculations, connection sketches/layouts, safe site erection plans & stamped/sealed connection letters through a third party engineering firm, Steadfast Engineering.

With the ability for Tekla to communicate with multiple design software platforms, the import and export of models from a design model to a fabrication model makes for seamless transition of workflows.

3D Modeling:

3D modeling has become the industry wide standard and with the complex steel elements in today's structures, it is truly an incredible tool for all parties to be able to visualize the structure and get a feel for the project before ground break.

3D RFI's are also generated from the model enabling the design issue at hand to be addressed accurately and efficiently the first time, with minimal turn-around time.

At Global, our entire team utilizes the 3D modeling software from the inception of the stick model to connection design to project management to checking.


The fabrication of structural and miscellaneous steel has advanced over the years with the modeling technology. Electronic data files such as dxf, cnc etc., are transmitted directly to the machinery and fabricated based upon the model parameters. Even with this advancement in technology, it remains imperative that the 2D drawings are presented with accuracy and quality both for the shop and for the field.

Global works with both Imperial and Metric standards. Global also works closely with its clients to ensure their formats & methods of presentation are maintained and adhered to for use with their in-house requirements.

Global is committed to the highest quality standards. The Global team is constantly kept abreast of industry changes to codes and practices with its numerous memberships to industry guiding organizations such as the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD), the American Welding Society (AWS) & the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to name just a few. Please review our Affiliates page for more information on our industry organizations.

BIM Services:

"It was apparent in the late 90's that the future of design and drafting would be moving from 'the board' or 2D Acad and would shift into a more complex and robust system of construction and trade management. Global was formed to be a leader with this in mind" says Global's President Matthew Bastura. From a 3 person office in 2000, Global now operates 30 Tekla Structures 3D (Tekla) stations in multiple offices. Mr. Bastura adds "3D Modeling software was in its infancy in 2001 when we looked at committing to a software. Tekla (XSteel at the time) was chosen by us in 2002 after multiple trials of other software. Tekla stood well above all the rest in where we saw the industry moving. This has proven to be the right decision with Tekla's launch of BIMsight in the last few years, the first and only true construction industry platform of model management & coordination."

Global has completed multiple BIM & Design Build projects for various clients in both the commercial and industrial sectors across North America, one of which was featured in Modern Steel Construction (Brigham Young Universities – Idaho Auditorium & Recreational Facility). The use of BIM Model Management between Steel & Concrete (Pre-cast, Cast in place & Masonry), allowed for the massive 258' auditorium trusses to have the embeds in the precise locations required.

Mr. Bastura states "Our latest BIM project was a 3 year >32,000 hour industrial project for Encana Gas with roughly 4500MT of steel. Model imports and coordination between civil, piping & grating made erectablility issues/clashes with the steel foreseeable and we were able to accommodate the steel to suit, saving time and overall cost on the project." Mr. Bastura notes there will still be a lot of transformation in the construction industry in the future with more trades moving to modeling software and true model collaboration with virtual project imaging.

Global Structural Detailing Ltd. provides all BIM related services such as 3D Modeling (Currently Steel, Concrete, Rebar & Light Gage), Model Management & Model Hosting.

Whether your project is Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Residential – if it requires steel – our experienced staff will provide complete, accurate and on-time design and drafting services. Global Structural Detailing Ltd. is firmly committed to customer satisfaction!